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With the largest surface area in the home, walls generally require the most paint. Many people don’t realize how many options there truley are when it comes to simply painting some walls… 

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One of our favorite parts to paint is the decorative areas. Accents, trim and molding, the decorative areas of the home can make or break a great new look.

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Doors & Baseboards

The first thing people see when walking into or around your home is the doors. A good color sceme and paint selection can make your doors and baseboards ‘pop’ and have your guests in awe with what you have done to the place 🙂

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Staining & Refinishing

When painting in the home many forget that some of the most important areas are not painted at all. Hand carved wood or even basic railings and doors sometimes need staining and refinishing instead of a good paint job. Putnam Painting has lots of choices for you to pick from!


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In the kitchen or storage areas of the home the largest syrfaces are the cub boards and cabinets. Putnam Painting knows which kinds of paints to use on these areas and what type of finishing would look best.


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Most any surface on the outside of your home can be painted. Putnam Painting only uses the best quality of outdoor paint that will give that paint job a vibrant new look for many years to come!

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Decks need painting or staining more often than the home. These areas are generally in sunlight alot more and tend to fade quite quickly over the years. Before you know it, your deck, patio or porch looks faded and cracked.


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Neighbors and community members see your fences daily and the shape they are in can be a reflection of you. Don’t let that first impression be a bad one with a cracked and fading fence, call Putnam Painting today and let us make your fence turn heads when people pass 🙂

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Waterproofing is a neccesity to several areas outside of the home. If you have any deck or sitting area that is not covered, waterproofing is the right option for you to keep those peaceful places dry and sustain their quality. 

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pressure Washing

Before we start outdoor projects we often need to power wash first, You will not beleive at the amount of dirt and grime that comes off of your  things! Call us for some power washing today!

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Putnam Painting was so easy to work with! I filled out the free quote form on the website and someone called me within hours. By that same weekend we had our house starting to get painted! They are clean too which was important for us. We would reccomend to anyone who needs painting done on their property.

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We needed our deck washed and re-stained pretty badly. Putnam Painting was a delight to work with. Fair pricing and fast service!

Client Since 1995

My parents house was being sold after passing away and Putnam Painting was the first company we saw online when searching for painters in Erie Pa. We called them and had them come look at the house and give us a quote. We did not need anything to extravagant. Dave quickly gave us a price that was more than fair and him and his team had the house done in time for us to place on the market. Good company to work with.

Client Since 1995

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